Writing Assignment

I enjoy my time in home. I read books, take a nap, and have a good time with my family. Everyday! I have finished some books, and I still have some more in my reading list.  But, I keep my study of course. I stick at my French study. Now, I am dealing with complex sentences. I will not have much free time like this when I begin to work next month, so I am learning as much as my brain possible can do, especially grammar.

I also do my course Write101x English Grammar and Style, on edX. Once in two weeks each student have to submit a writing assignment that discusses topic covered in the course. Then, the assignment will be graded by some randomly-selected peers. Here is my second assignment that I feel confident enough to share because it scored better than the first one. I posted it under the title of ‘Why Paying Attention to Reader is Important”.

According to David Crystal, a British linguist, one of the forces of language is intelligibility. Language enables us to understand each other. As a form of communication, a writer, who has chosen writing as the medium to express their ideas, has the role to make the reader understand. Writing success can depend on whether the readers have understood their writing piece or not. Paying attention to readers is important. Otherwise all the efforts in making the writing piece will be useless.

A good piece of writing is easy to understand. It uses correct grammar to present ideas clearly. It consists of precise words that each one of it tells. It is built with a good construction of sentences that makes the argument flow smoothly. Each sentence supports each other to convey the intended messages. It contains proper punctuation that gives aids to readers. It also employs a style that creates a desired impression to readers.

While a good writing piece makes everything clear, a bad writing makes everything seems difficult to digest. It does not use correct grammar and it makes the readers lost by giving unnecessary information or being verbose. It violates a principle stated by Strunk and White in ‘Element of Style’ that a sentence should contain only necessary words. In brief, a bad piece of writing will leave the readers confused.

The primary goal of writing is to make the readers understand us. So after we have put all the energy and effort to finish a writing piece, its effectiveness will depend solely on the readers. No matter how hard we have tried to communicate our ideas, it is the readers that ultimately will interpret it. In the end, it is the readers who will act like kings and judge our writing piece.

About 44,000 people from 126 countries are taking Write101x on edX. It’s a huge number, and it also presents a greatly diverse community. Massive open online course (MOOC), such as edX, offers convenience for everyone who wants to learn.