New Chapter of Life Unfolds

I am back to Bintaro! I got here on last October 24. So it’s been a month! Previously, I have spent about three weeks in Makassar. And I enjoyed each days I had with family. Though Aldy was still in Bandung at the time. I also saw Toro again, our cat pet. Living far from my family in Makassar, I have been always missing home. I hope I could stay longer, but the duty has called to come back to Jakarta. It’s always hard to leave home.

On Job Training at DJPB

I came back here to do my assignment at Ministry of Finance, as a new trainee. So far, I have gone trough three programs. On 27 October, I presented myself at the headquarter of DJPB along with 316 other new trainees. Few days later, I got my ID card. Then, on November 6, we have got a meeting called Induction program, in which the Minister of Finance delivered a welcoming speech. In the later week, from 10-18 November, I had a Orientation program with all DJPB newcomers. Important figures of DJPB came and give us introduction to the organization duties. It was great.

Here comes the new routine. Beginning on 19 November, I have started my training program. I will go trough this training until 20 March 2015. It will take 17 weeks or 4 months to complete this program. Yes, I am counting the days. Three other programs awaits us in the future. When we all have completed all the newcomers’ program, I will get my definitive assignment. It means, I will leave Jakarta and be living in another city. I wish that I would be posted in one of our offices in South Sulawesi! So I could live close to my family.

I wake up at 4 AM every day and I leave house at 5 AM so I can catch the first trains to get to the office, which is located in North Jakarta. It’s far away from Bintaro. I must arrive before 7.30 AM. So far, I never come late to the office. I leave office at 5 PM and arrive home at Bintaro around 7.30 PM. Then, I sleep early at 10 PM. Thank God, I can adjust myself with this new routines.

I wish that everything will be perfectly fine in the future and all plans go smoothly. I wish that I could do well and make good records in my on job training program and at other program for newcomers. My final goal is to get posted in South Sulawesi. Amin.

Induksi DJPB 2014

A picture of us and the Director of DJPB.

And the Rest of Recent Experiences

Here are some recent photos I transferred from my mobile phone to my laptop.

Left to right: 1) A sketch of my father by me; 2) Erasmus Huis library at Netherland Embassy. I love this place. I borrow books from them; 3) A beautiful morning scene in Jakarta’s airport; 4) A photo of my parents when I talk with them over a coffee; 5) My cat, Toro, has grown up! 6) At my orientation program; 7) Hanging out with my Social Department team. 8) I and my classmates of Pedes.

It’s a new scene everywhere as I have new fixed schedule and routines. And, I don’t see my great friends and family very often. But, I try to keep on adjusting myself with such terms. I wish to share more happy stories later. Bye for now. Be good.

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. – Joseph Campbell