Some Fragments in My December

It is a long weekend. Bintaro virtually gets wet all the time. Rain falls from time to time. I appreciate it as it leaves coldness in the air. I always like rain. It brings peace to my mind. My brother, Aldy, came to my place for a visit. He was en tour to Makassar. He left Bandung on Friday and stayed for a night here. On Saturday, we went to cinema, watching the Hobbit, then I accompanied him to take a travel-bus off to the airport. I am happy that he paid a visit, but when he left loneliness suddenly came over me. I wish to spend this weekend with my family too, or to hang out with my buddies.

So far, my On Job Training (OJT) program at DJPB have gone smoothly. I had been to a Treasury Representative Office for Jakarta Region, Directorate of Accounting and Reporting, and the DJPB Secretariat. I enjoy the offices. During the first weeks, I had a big task to get accustomed to my new routine, my tasks, and my new surroundings. It was overwhelming. I have to wake up at 4 AM every weekdays! I am glad everything is all right. I have been in three offices already. This OJT program will take me to nine offices, so it leaves six offices to go. I belong to OJT Group One, comprising 17 members of rookies. As I and my teammates spend a great deal of time together we have become friends. So the office is more fun to live.

I made a significant progress in my French learning. I have completed the Rosetta Stone course last night! It took more than a year to conclude all the courses in it. Now I can set another exciting French project to do. Next Saturday I will subscribe a membership plan in a French institute’s library. It will give me an access to endless supplies of books and movies in French. Meanwhile,  I am waiting for a new French grammar book, that I just ordered from Periplus, to arrive in my hand.

New year’s coming and I made some bold resolutions. There are so many goals and things I want to achieve in the year 2015. I wish to spend more time with my family and friends. These recent months, I feel like cut out from my inner social circle.