C’est le weekend! Quest-ce que j’ai fait?

Au travail – At Work

KPPN Jakarta I

I am still on my OJT – On the Job Training. I have completed five offices already. Each office requires two weeks long or ten work days. I didn’t come one time because I was  sick. So, I had gone trough 49 days of training already. There are still four offices to go. But, I am glad I can do well up to this point.

C’est occupé – It’s occupied

This week I went to IFI twice, on Monday and Friday. I borrowed a CD for the Phonetique en dialogues book, a book on France’s history, and a book called Les mots by Jean-Paul Sartre. The last book is a complete bizarre.

I should have had a meet-up with friends this weekend. But, I need to help a friend with an assignment, studying for TOEFL and French,  and I have some books to read, so I didn’t go anywhere. But, I am going to take a vacation next weekend! My friends and I have planned to start an adventure called “The Adventure of Machu Pichu and Niagara Falls Indonesia”. We’re going to take trains to Lampegan, exploring Curug Cikondang, and walk our way to Padang Mountain, West Java.

Qu'est-ce qu'on s'amuse – It’s a great fun

This week, I watched first four episodes of an American TV series called Transparent. It’s funny and sad. It’s about a family and its members’ secrets.


Let’s dance. A scene from ‘Moppa’ episode in Transparent.

I watched Prince Avalanche too. It’s fun. The movie is picturesque. It was filmed in a beautiful place.

Prince Avalanche

Let’s cut loose. A scene from Prince Avalanche.