New Year’s Eve a.k.a My Mother’s Birthday

Happy new year!

How about resolutions? Last day, on Dec 31, I still attended the office. I asked two of my office teammates what are their resolutions for the year 2015. It turned out that they didn’t make any. I found myself in a silly awkwardness as one of them even responded “Resolusi? Yang nyuruh siapa?”. I checked my email in the night, and found one email with subject “Resolution Is Not For Me”. It’s from moodscope, a mailing list that mainly talks about coping with stress. The contributor argued that we will be better off not making any new resolutions. It said resolutions are somehow vice. It can lead life into misery. It suggested the rest of the moodscope subscribers to do nothing about new year. It is an interesting argument, but I can’t take such advice. Misery or no misery. When it happens, be it. I have made long-list of resolutions of my own! It’s exciting to sit down, write some lists and goals, and dream. Resolutions equals to vision and purpose.

Last night, at the New Year’s eve, I went to a shopping center in Bintaro neighborhood. I actually preferred to stay in my room, but I had accepted my friends’ invitation to go there, so there I went. I and Helmi agreed that the dinner was overpriced. We watched stormy fireworks exploding in the sky. Meantime my family in Makassar gathered in our house to have a festive night. I bet they have a whale of time. New Year’s eve is also my mother’s birthday! In a call that night, I greeted my mother’s a happy-birthday. She told me about a story of failed birthday-surprise attempt. My father asked my brothers to buy a cake as part of surprise plan. So, they all went out to find one. My mother’s, having no clue where they gone, asked my grandmother “Where is the people?’. My grandmother, who didn’t know about the surprise, spoiled the plan by telling my mother that they had gone to buy a cake. She’s laughing loudly on the other side of the phone.