The phone calls

‘The fishes are dying now. Your father has added some weird  drops to the fish pond next to the dining table. Now the fishes are dying. The biggest fish has already gone away!’.

It’s 8 PM. My mother called me and told me about the dying fishes at our pond. She blamed my father for mistakenly giving the fish drops, that he assumed will make the fishes healthier. ‘Now I couldn’t dare to see the pond! It’s unbearable.’ She sounded so worried that I wondered if she cried.  Undoubtedly, my father didn’t mean to kill the fish. He likes to sit by the pond, light his cigarette, and watch the fishes. It’s his favorite stuff.

In another day, I called my brother, Aldy. He’s there with my father, going to a shopping center downtown where he will speak for an entrepreneurship event there. I called him to just say “Good Luck”.

This week, I thought it is a good idea and it will be fun to hang out with some old friends. So I called one of them who now works in another city. I invited him to have a meet-up with a friend. A friend that he had never seen for such a long time. I told him that I met the friend last November. He asked me about the details of the meeting. I told him I met the friend tête-à-tête. “Okay, just arrange it and keep me updated”.

We agreed to meet on Saturday. But, on Saturday, when I was excited to see them and that I will hang out again with them, he didn’t pick my calls. He didn’t text me back. I decided to cancel the meet-up, and told the other friend that the meet-up is postponed. It’s all right. Ce n’est pas grave. I hope to see these buddies later.

I called another friend again. I wanted to talk to him. He’s my good friend. “I am going back to Jakarta, probably in the mid of February” he said. “Okay, so I will see you”. He’s in another city, another island. In another universe. After several minutes of news-exchanging, we agreed to meet next month.

With all these calls, I am just trying to keep in touch with my dear family and friends. I plan ahead to see my old friends, like arranging meet-up.

The Study

My French grammar book has arrived this week. It is ‘Collins French Grammar’. I had been waiting for it since last December and when it finally arrived I felt so happy. I have also got my membership card at IFI mediatheque. The library is just as awesome as Erasmus Huis. They provide books as well as movies and music CDs. I have borrowed some reference books there and a movie that comes with no subtitle, in pure French, and I don’t understand it.  I enjoyed a CD music of a French singer called Camille Bazbaz too. My favorite song is Papa Tango Charly’. It’s fun.

Bazbaz – Sur Le Bout de La Langue

I am currently studying for TOEFL test now. I bought the guide last day. There’s a course I want to get in and I  have to submit a TOEFL score to complete the application, so I must take the test. So far, it’s going well.

I am looking forward to taking this online course at Coursera called Total Leadership. It will start on Feb 8, 2015, taught by Stew Friedman, from the Wharton School. I hope I can complete the course, just like how I did the  English Grammar and Style at EdX. I think I will learn lots of lessons there. In year 2012, I  had a chance to attend the Wharton Global Alumni Forum in Jakarta, and it left great impression to me.


I enjoyed reading anytime, including when I am in the train, going to or from work. My reading list include the books from Erasmus Huis: Selamat Tinggal Hindia by Pans Schomper and Surviving Against the Odds by Ann Dunham, from IFI mediatheque: some children books in French I can hardly understand, except Les fantômes, ça n'existe pas ! The last one comes with very easy French so I can understand what it’s telling about. I got a copy of The Plot Against America by Philip Roth, that I bought at Tulip Bazaar at Erasmus Huis. It’s difficult to comprehend. It’s a political scene book, with my almost void knowledge in American politic especially around the world war, I find it hard to grasp the story. I recently red and enjoyed Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth Pisani and Focus by Neil Goleman.

Oh, uh, the fishes are dying. It’s been three days since my mother told me about it. Let me find out what’s happening with the fishes now. And, please enjoy this song from Ice Choir.