Signing Up for Total Leadership

Stewart Friedman is a professor of management at Wharton School. He’s the founder of Work/Life Integration Project at Wharton. As part of the project, he’s teaching a course called Total Leadership: Better Leader, Richer Life at Coursera. This course consists of ten week lectures. It gives practical method on how we can be a better leader by finding harmony between our values & vision and integrate all parts of our life – home, work, community, and self. That’s interesting!

I signed up for this course in the mid of January. I am glad that now it is open. Last day, I have watched the lecture videos and went trough some course material and resources. I also have taken the skill assessment which turned out that I need some improvement here and there. By taking this course, I hope I can manage and integrate all parts of my life better.

So, for ten weeks ahead, I have extra activities to go trough this course and of course I have to submit assignments for it. But, this’s going to be fun.

Anyway, welcome February!

Total Leadership