April, A Move

A lot has gone. I spent most of the April staying in Ciawi, Bogor, for a training with other DJPB rookies. The training lasted for three weeks. I enjoyed the class activities. I missed being in a class room studying like I used to in STAN. I met new friends from DJPB, they’re so fun to be with. What I like from this place is its serenity. It feels so quite there and the air is clear and cold. We stay in villas and they’re so comfortable. After five months of battling with the commuter and trains in Jakarta, this training felt like a good rest. A big deal: someone else do my laundry and take care of my bed. So I enjoyed it very much.

Pusdiklat Anggaran & Perbendaharaan

DTSD Class of Four, Ciawi, Bogor

Right after I completed the training, I took a bus to Bandung, carrying four bags with me. I moved to Bandung. Yes, I am moving! I leave many of my stuff in my room in Bintaro such as books, clothes, stationery, documents, etc. Almost everything. I must go back soon there to take them.  It has been impressive living in Bintaro. I live there four years there. It’s a hometown to me. But I know I must move on. I finished my college there, found friends there, and had my ups and downs there. The memories will last.

I rent a room nearby my office in Bandung. It only takes five-minutes walk to reach my office. Imagine. It feels so convenient. Here, I am working on my second phase of the DJPB’s On Job Training until I get posted to another city. I wish to start my French course soon and to hang around this city with my new officemates. This city offers many things to discover.  I am sure I will write good stories from this city.