I am in Manokwari

I am writing from my room in Manokwari. I left Bandung last September 26th. There was a nice farewell with all the employees in my office in Bandung. I am sad to be parted from them. They’ve been very nice, warmhearted, and very kind to me. They left doulce mémoire to me. So did the city of Bandung. I put all the special things in my heart.

Then I headed home. I stayed home for a week. Then my flight at 3 AM took me here to my new city. Manokwari. 

I have fast adaptation in Manokwari. It doesn’t take much time to get along with the employees here. I have seven officemates here who come from the same program.

This small city has unique landscape. It’s surrounded by mountains. It’s got beach, which something I like very much. After first five days in the office, I and other five office rookies went to Bakaro beach, 13 km from our office. It’s beautiful. We wished we had stayed there all day. 

This is a quick update. There’re so many things I want to share. It’s great to be in Bandung for six months. I got many things to share about it. I have also been in Manokwari for eleven days now. There’re sure some photos narration coming up here.

          Rendani Airport Apron, Manokwari

          Bakaro Beach, Manokwari