À Makassar

I am writing this from Manokwari. In the middle of midnight. In my rooming house. I feel restless. Been a long weekend in…the office. I think I have caught into a rut that I always forget to update this blog. I need to break it. So, here I am writing from Manokwari, the city of Bible. They said.


Last week, I went to Makassar for my younger brother graduation. I spent four days there. I didn’t tell anybody at home that I was coming home. My friends took me to the airpot on Friday morning. Nothing fancy but a family of pigs strolling on the road. Everyday is a busy day in the office. I mean literally everyday because even Saturday and Sunday I have to work on something in the office. Not to complain anyway. I am passionate about delivering result, uh hum. So, I went home not only for my brother’s graduation but also to take a break from work. Here’s how the view looks like that Friday morning.


Les Pigs de Manokwari


The view from the top always look better. 

My father picked me up. In the afternoon, my mother arrived home from work. She looked so happy when we met. So did I. I didn’t miss a chance to talk with my brothers over a coffee. 



I know I have not been posting as often as I did when I was in college. I always enjoy posting some photos though sometimes only with a bare narration. Tonight, I just purchased a good app called MarsEdit. It’s a blogging app for Mac. I used to post from Windows Live Writer but I can’t have it anymore now. Mac apps are expensive, but I bought it anyway tonight because I need it. I hope to write more often.  

Bye now…so far I am doing good. The office offers big challenges and it occupies me a lot. My only break is going to the beach. But, my beachmates are out of the town for two weeks. Tomorrow is Monday. I am sorry to remind you. Bye now..be good.