Meet the Locals in Manokwari

It’s good to come home again. I am writing from my rooming house, in a region called Fanindi, Manokwari. I walked back to my rooming house after two days in the office. I need to finish multiple tasks in the office so I must stay there. It’s 11:18 PM now here. I need some sleep. But, I want to share some photos about Manokwari first.

Here are photos I took with my phone.


A father and a son on a boat. The water was so clear that you could see the bottom of it. I took this photo when I was exercising with my officemates in Manokwari Harbour.

Pasir Putih Beach - Boys Swimming

In Pasir Putih beach. I have been visiting Pasir Putih for five times. In five consecutive weeks. 

Woosi Market

 I went to Pasar Wosi with Pak De Kijan, a senior employee in the office. I met these children. Why do the girls don’t wear the school uniform? I just wondered why. 

Merajut Noken di Pasar Woosi

 This is also from Pasar Woosi too. A woman sitting next to her vegetables and she knitted a Noken, traditional Papuan bag.

Don't bother me I am Working

Pinang is favorite snack here. But, it’s hard to find a Pinang seller like this young woman. Maybe she was emailing her counterparts in Fak-fak about her Pinang sales. She looked so focused on her contrasting laptop.

Monsieur Vanus in Office Backyard

This is Pak Vanus. He works in my office, as a helper. He is very helpful. In the picture, he was helping me making some parts for the office. 

Sideways Durian

Manokwari has claimed back its reputation as the city of fruits. Now there are many people selling durians in the sideways. They are everywhere. And they taste great.