Back to Manokwari

I had good times with my family in Makassar. Now, I have come back to Manokwari. I went back to my to the Iife I have here, doing my job in my office et cetera. I feel happy to see Manokwari’s bright blue sky and to breath the fresh air. Compared to Makassar or Jakarta, or any other big cities, I can reach any places easily and fast, because we don’t have that traffic. This is Nusa Cendrawasih and it’s beautiful. 

Here’s my photos from the Instax. 

doc03489220160717234043_001 (1)

Dimanche (10/07)

doc03489220160717234043_001 (2)

Lundi (11/07)

doc03489520160717235701_001 (1)

Mardi (12/07)


Mercredi (13/07)


Jeudi (14/07)

doc03489720160718000033_001 (1)

Vendredi (15/07)


Samedi (16/07)