My Instax 366-Days Project on Flickr



This is my latest photo from my 366-days project with Instax (08/07). It was midnight and we’re heading home from Maroangin, Enrekang. My father was driving and my mother was sleeping next to him. I store my 366-days project photos in an album on Flickr. Here’s the link.

Our family trip in Maroangin was pleasant. We met our family. There’re many kids in the family. I got little cousins, nephews, and nieces. I regret that I didn’t bring any gift for them. It would be nice.


Pantai Wowor, Wondama

The last time I went to the beach was last June 11, in Pantai Wowor, Wondama. In Manokwari, I almost go to the beach every weekend for a swim. My family and I are going to the beach today anyway.