Unsent Messages




When I was there…My mind went to our wasted conversation in a smoked corner. If only time freezes, I would stay. We would have stayed. 

With one or two cigarettes.

We can talk all night. 







I want to share a picture I took from the plane. Two or three gangs of clouds, swiftly marching in a beauty.







Do you I know I have collected some new shirts? I have collected twelve books. I have collected hundred of songs. I have collected some plastic bags from Hadi Supermarket.






007/366 Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia

And I always collect our memories. Just in case you forget, you can always call me. And I will reply your messages in a week.

Or maybe I won’t. Just unsent messages.









Don’t call me because I am busy watching the world goes by at Tamalanrea. 






I would like to sleep 12 hours today. If you don’t mind.





















I have gone to Jakarta, Derawan, Wasior, Pasir Putih, Seven Eleven, Makassar, Jayapura, and Kinokuniya. I bought some books, some socks, and instax films. And I never made that call. I sent no message. 

Weird Socks

And dear..

Emil asked me how to pronounce tous les jours. You pronounce it tuhlehhjhuuur. And, tous les jours je pense à toi.

À tout à l’heure.