A Year Passed

A year has been passed since I first arrived in Manokwari. This is a wonderful place to live. A nice little town that owns almost everything.  The beach is reachable in less than thirty-minutes. I like its mountains, looking like a big shadow from a far. I breath its fresh air. I love the clear blue sky too. That’s the bright side of everything. Everytime I wake up from my sleep in Manokwari this rain of thoughts begin to run. I think about how far I am living now from all the people and things I have lived with and loved. I feel that blue moment. And for a moment or some times I forget my raison d’être in now my town. Getting reminded that I am far from homeland and loved ones makes me feel sad. And lonely.

I am grateful because I can reach home easily. It takes only two hours flight from Manokwari to reach Makassar. Though the flights are costly but I managed to go home almost every two months. I have also been in charged to go to Jakarta for some works four times. I have also spent vacations with my friends outside Manokwari. That vacation to Derawan Island, to Balikpapan, to Surabaya, to Malang, and recently to Mataram, Lombok. Yes, a year passed and I have travelled a lot. I am grateful.

I made many targets to achieve within this year and I might have lost my attention to them. In the future, I have to put more discipline and focus on my targets. That includes working on my French and learning about academic writing. I also have have worked on my Instax Wide 366 days photos, but I failed when I have reached a hundred. Something went wrong with my camera. The lens wouldn’t come out. Ça va, mesdames et messieurs! I have to set more detailed plans. I have to set my focus. And keep reminded that I am blessed for everything I live now. 

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