In Malang

I got another holiday. I packed my bags and arrived in a city I’ve never been before: Surabaya! I checked in into a hotel in the airport’s terminal 1. It’s got great view: the apron! But I must leave my day dreaming watching the hotel windows that exposed the apron. I've arranged a meeting with a very long time no see friend! I took a car and off to Malang. I have never been to Malang. I heard it has cold weather. I was wondering if Malang’s coldness could beat Bandung.

I was looking around at Gramedia bookstore located near Toko Oen Malang when someone called me. It was Wanda! We finally met after five years. We got out from the bookstore. I have bought some books. We exchanged news and off we went to Toko Oen. I know this old dutch-style cafè from magazines and tv. I feel glad to be finally here in the actual cafè. Wanda told me that she had actually been to West Papua. She had gone to Raja Ampat. That’s surprising. When you don’t meet your very good friend for a long time, you know you have many things to share. And we shared stories over the ice cream. 

Wanda and I went around the city. She helped me find a store to buy a batik shirt I am going to wear for Dhini’s wedding in Sidoarjo. Then we stopped at Jodipan village. They painted all the homes, mosques, and bridges in contrasting vibrant colors. Wanda also helped me to pick an Arema t-shirt. I only had a day in Malang. We spent the rest of the day at a nice place called Java Dancer Coffee. We then must farewell. At 11 PM, we were apart. It was the time I eventually felt Malang’s coldness.  I wonder when I will see Wanda again. My taxi car took me back to Surabaya. When I arrived in my hotel room, the only scene from my room’s window was a serene darkness. 

I visited Malang on September 29, 2016. I posted this from Manokwari.