A Short Visit to Mataram

I have been planning to visit my best friend, Andita, in Mataram, Lombok. He now works in Ruteng, East Nusa Tenggara. Mataram is his hometown. And I finally did it this year. It was a great stay in Lombok. It was a short one too. I only spent several days there.

I arrived on October 14. Andita tried to give me the best experience, taking me to tourism spots in Mataram. I thought it was not very important because seeing my old friends is just enough for me. I met my classmates from my second year in STAN. Nindy traveled from Aceh, Nisa, Kiko, and Gandi left from Palembang, and Danan and Radit departed from Jakarta. They’re to spend a holiday in Lombok for a week.

This short visit to Mataram is great! Here’s some pictures from the trip.

Afternoon in Sade Village, Lombok

An elder woman sitting in front of her house at Sade Village

Children running in Sade Village Lombok

An alley among traditional houses of Sasak

A short stay in Mataram, Lombok

 My instant photos from the short stay in Mataram, Lombok

When it’s time to say a goodbye, Nisa asked me to stay. But I must go to another city. I feld sad too but I must go. I told her that we will meet again later. She asked me when it’s gonna happen. The idea is impossible for her. I never know that I am wise enough to tell her, “We will meet again. Believe it. Have faith in life."

I left Mataram for Jakarta on October 16. Yes, I have a faith that we’re gonna meet again, my Pedes classmates. And by the way, Andita is planning to go to Makassar next year.