Gudak: A Fake Analog Camera

I am a fan of film camera. I like how the photos look nostalgic and feel warmth. It’s great to have sharp and bright photos from the advanced cameras or smartphones nowadays. But film photos are the most special one. I think they capture enough the essence of moments. 

When I was in high-school, I got a lomographic Diana F+ camera. It used 120mm films - the rare ones. But it’s fine, I still can get 120mm films around and have the rolls processed in Makassar. Having moved to Manokwari, I bought Smena camera, but never have the films processed. I found it difficult to have them processed. Particularly, it's because I am living in Manokwari. When I got my hands on Instax Wide last year, I felt bursted in excitement. I like my photos come out of the camera as soon as I took the photos. I don’t need to have them processed in the lab. I carried the Instax Wide camera for more than three months one-day-one-photo project. But I failed to make it to 366 days as it broke in the middle of the project. The camera is now perfectly fine, I have it repaired and I left it at my home in Makassar last holiday.

About two weeks ago, I tried this app on my phone called Gudak. It’s familiar like Hipstamatic. But I think it’s more fun to go with it because it does offer the unique experience of film camera. This app has some rules. You can’t see what you have taken in the film roll until three days. After finishing your roll of film, you need to wait for the app to process the roll. That’s what happens in the three days. And the results are random. I like how the photos look like. The underexposed color. The details of the grains. I am not a fan of light leaks. But it’s fine if it’s there in the photos. 

I took photos of my daily life. You can see the random visions of my daily life at my VSCO page here. I snapped random things and almost carelessly. I take shot everything that’s just there in my days. I have shot 10 rolls so far with the Gudak App. Here’re some favorite photos from my Gudak rolls. 


Keysha, taking a selfie, 4 years old. In the neighbourhood - 08/06/17.


'The Time Is Now'. A self reminder posted on my cork board. In my room - 08/06/17.


Another shoegaze photo! Taken when I and a friend went to Manokwari Port - 08/06/17.


Stuff at our rented house. I was alone in the house when I took this photo - 08/06/17


A look at a Chinese store in Manokwari. It looks just like a small store from the street. But it’s super-stuffed inside - 07/31/17.